Dairy of supporting Wuhan‖ Power of Traditional Chinese medicine

February 6, dairy of supporting Wuhan by Dr. Zhang Tianhui, Huaihua Second People's Hospital

Today is the 11th day for our second batch of medical teams to enter Hubei and the 8th day for us to march into “Dabie Mountain”.

Today, I conducted a detailed examination of 48 patients in the west area of the isolation ward, collected relevant information and photos of tongue coating of 24 patients, which took more than 5 hours. Removing the goggles after leaving the isolation ward, I felt a little unknown pain in left nose bridge. Looking into the mirror, it turned out that the blisters that had been squeezed by the goggles some time ago have grown up, and I only paid attention to the ward rounds without realizing it!

In accordance with the TCM requirements, I sent the collected information and tongue coating photos to the deputy head of the medical team, Zeng Puhua. He prescribed TCM to 24 patients. He didn't complain of the hard work and just continued giving TCM prescriptions to the patients despite of his sore hand.

The two patients in my charge only took the TCM prescribed by deputy captain Zeng for one day and a half, and the symptoms significantly improved. The symptoms of another patient who has been hospitalized for 25 day are always repetitive. Even with the best antibiotics, she doesn't improve very well. Astonishingly, after taking the TCM prescribed by Zeng for one day and a half, her symptoms have improved significantly, and she was going to be discharged tomorrow!

Another patient, who was hospitalized for one week, had diabetes and anorexia. After taking the TCM prescribed by Zeng for one day and a half, this old lady who made me cry and laugh told me, "Dr. Zhang, today’s meal tastes so delicious! Really delicious! I can't help but eat up. As a result, the blood glucose goes high again, ha-ha…. "

Previously, I didn't know enough about TCM, and now I really realize the amazing effect of TCM. As a clinician studying western medicine, I am supposed to re-know the quintessence of Chinese culture- Traditional Chinese medicine.

After a busy day, in the evening, I also participated in the training of hospital senses and the training of the Notice on Diagnosis and Treatment Scheme of the Novel Coronavirus (Trial Version 5).

With training, we have become more familiar with the relevant processes, further improved the level of diagnosis and treatment, and further strengthened the ability to safeguard the health of Huanggang people!