National Intellectual Property Administration: Actively Promote the Promulgation of Protection Regulations on TCM knowledge

Shen Changyu, Commissioner of National Intellectual Property Administration, said on April 23rd that NIPA is accelerating the revision of the Patent Law and establishing a compensation system for the term of protection of pharmaceutical patents so as to well protect TCM.

On the 23rd, the State Council Information Office held a press conference on the development of China's intellectual property in 2019. Shen Changyu made the above statement when answering questions from reporters. He introduced that the theme of this year's National Intellectual Property Publicity Week is "Intellectual Property and Healthy China", which is a decision based on the current epidemic prevention and control situation, combined with the special theme of "innovation for a green future" advocated by this year's World Intellectual Property Day this year. This theme reflects the important support of intellectual property for the health of all people, and there are many perspectives for the work.

First, increasing the protection of intellectual property to promote the innovation and development of medical industry, develop more innovative medicines and precise medical devices, so to improve treatment ability. To this end, NIPA is accelerating the revision of the Patent Law and establishing a compensation system for the protection period of drug patents.

Second, well protecting to make it play a unique role in medical treatment and disease prevention. At present, while strengthening patent protection for TCM, we are also actively cooperating with related departments to promote the promulgation of protection regulations on TCM knowledge to better protect it.

Third, vigorously developing industries with geographical characteristics to cultivate more new plant varieties and create more well-known brands, so that people can use them safely.

Fourth, protecting trademarks, copyrights and special signs to promote the development of cultural industries and sports and enrich people's spiritual and cultural life. NIPA has achieved comprehensive and all-around protection of those patents, trademarks, and special signs, including the current intellectual property related to the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games in 2022.

Fifth, protecting human genetic resources to build a special health and safety barrier. Last year, the State Council especially promulgated the Regulation of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of Human Genetic Resources, which made detailed provisions on the protection of genetic resources.

"All of these will be focuses of intellectual property to support a healthy China in the future." Shen Changyu said.