TCM Experts Sent to Philippine Gave Video Lecture on Anti-COVID-19, and "Chinese Kung Fu" Exercise Was Highly Welcomed

On the afternoon of April 12, Medical Experts Sent to Philippines gave video lecture on Anti-COVID-19. Three experts from People's Hospital Affiliated to Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine introduced the ways of TCM treatment of COVID-19 and personal protection.

Ye Ling, chief physician from Clinical Department of Integrated TCM and Western Medicine (Respiratory Department) shared the theories of TCM diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19, especially introduced acupoint massage, lung strengthening exercises, Tai Chi and Baduanjin to enhance physical fitness and prevent COVID-19. Ye Guoqing, deputy chief physician of Internal Medicine of TCM Department introduced the commonly used TCM drugs for the treatment of COVID-19, especially the "three drugs and three formulas" proposed by China, namely, Jinhua Qinggan Granules, Lianhua Qingwen Capsules, Xuebijing Injection and Lung Cleansing and Detoxification Decoction, Dampness Resolving and Detoxification Decoction and Lung Diffusing and Detoxification Decoction. Hou Yangqing, the head nurse of Department of Critical Care Medicine, introduced ways of personal protection. For example, for people in home isolation, they should keep their personal belongings separated from those of their families; door handles, mobile phones, TV remote controls, desktops and floors should be disinfected every day; wash hands with running water. She also mentioned in particular that a healthy lifestyle should be maintained during the epidemic, with particular attention to mental health.

In addition to answering online questions from netizens, the experts also conducted live demonstrations of lung strengthening exercises and Tai Chi. Philippine netizens left messages, hoping to learn the "Chinese Kung Fu" to fight COVID-19.

As of 8 o'clock that evening, the online video lecture covered more than 45,000 people. Annadal, Information Minister of Philippine, and Romana, Philippine Ambassador to China, watched the live video online.