CCTV Face to Face- Special Interview with Liang Wannian: TCM Plays a Role, with Integrated TCM and Western Medicine Treatment Highlighted

COVID-19 epidemic is a major public health emergency which has spread the fastest in the largest scale and been the most complicated to contain. It brings a great test to the governance system and capacity of China.

On April 12, Liang Wannian, head of the National Health Commission expert group on COVID-19 outbreak, in the special interview with Face to Face of CCTV in Wuhan, told the story of the anti-epidemic battle.

TCM plays its role and the integrated TCM and western medicine treatment is highlighted.

Liang Wannian: In the treatment of the COVID-19 patients in China, the integrated TCM and western medicine treatment has been widely used, with very good effects. Especially for the mild cases, it has significant effects, which brings wellbeing to the Chinese people. Besides western medicine, we also use our traditional medicine to save lives and treat patients. TCM has played a very important role.

With a series measures taken, Wuhan and the whole Hubei achieved the goal of early detection, early report, early isolation and early treatment, and hospitalized, treated, tested and quarantined all those who should be. With the principle of treating the infected in dedicated facilities by senior medical professionals from all over the country and with all necessary resources, we put all the severe cases in the best hospitals, with individualized treatments of the best experts. In the whole process of the epidemic containment, the integrated TCM and western medicine treatment has been highlighted.