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Experts from Guang'anmen Hospital have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the treatment of influenza. In the COVID-19 outbreak, the hospital has sent experts group to take over the sick patients in Wuhan infectious disease hospital, and has generated outstanding achievements.

2020 March 30th 9AM Start Online


At present, the new crown pneumonia is raging around the world. Chinese medicine has played a significant role in China's fight against the epidemic. Now it has received letters of help from Chinese organizations in several countries (US, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Spain, UAE, Myanmar, Belgium, etc.) Guang'anmen Hospital took the International Medical Department as an export to support Chinese organizations in countries and regions that sought help. First, it launched online clinics (Chinese and English). It will generate further functions after carrying out various links of online international diagnosis and treatment to promote Chinese medicine, and implement the trade in Chinese medicine services.


Online Consultation

1. Method:

1 WeChat mini program, Chinese and English,  24 * 7 service (response within 24 hours, overseas patients are sometimes poor, we reply the next day after leaving a message)

2Email:, reply within 24 hours after leaving a message.

2. Content: Provide consultation, online diagnosis and treatment, psychological support, and popularization of Chinese medicine prevention and treatment for new coronary lung, flu and other respiratory symptoms.

3. Experts: Doctors of the Ministry of National Medical Treatment

4. TimePatients may leave the message in all day. Doctor's working time is from Monday to Friday 9AM-5PM, Saturday to Sunday from 9AM-12PM.