Yan Shujiang Greeting Medical Staff and Investigating Prevention and Control Situation of the Epidemic in Front-Line Wuhan

From Jan 28th to 29th, Yan Shujiang, Vice Commissioner of National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (NATCM), led a team to several Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) medical institutions in Hubei Province, greeting medical staff fighting in the front-line and investigating the prevention and treatment situation of pneumonia caused by 2019-nCov in hospitals.

Yan Shujiang visited Guanggu Branch of Hubei Provincial Hospital of TCM, Hanyang Branch of Wuhan Hospital of TCM, Wuhan Hospital of TCM and Western Medicine respectively. He inspected fever clinic of the hospitals on site, enquired in detail about the progress of diagnosis and treatment in isolation wards, the situation of patients and the application of TCM techniques. He appreciated the prevention and control work that hospitals previously carried out under the joint working mechanism of prevention and control.

Yan Shujiang said that the Leading Party Group of NATCM is always concerned about medical staff in the front-line. His visit is authorized by the Leading Party Group and the leadership of NATCM. He said, since the outbreak, according to the strategy and deployment of CPC Central Committee and the State Council, medical staff in Hubei provincial and Wuhan municipal TCM systems has made important contributions to the epidemic prevention and control by leading the charge selflessly. In this critical moment, he hopes everyone can continue overcoming difficulties, taking heavy burdens bravely, and daring to fight a tough war, and can be completely devoted to the work of prevention, control and medical treatment of the outbreak in line with requirements for joint prevention and control so as to resolutely safeguard and maintain health and safety of the people. He also exhorted medical staff to protect themselves and asked relevant departments and the hospital to conduct necessary training and provide all-round support through coordination. Yan Shujiang stated that NATCM will deploy advantaged resources in the national TCM system to support the work of medical treatment in Hubei as well as in Wuhan based on requirements in the front-line.

Meng Qingbin, Liu Qingquan, Yao Yun, attended as accompanying person.